Over the past days, heavy rains in the Central and Central Highlands regions, combined with too much water discharged by hydro-power plants, have caused flooding in Ia Pa district (Gia Lai province) and Nha Trang city (Khanh Hoa province).

People in Ia Pa moved to a safer place

Many houses are submerged deep in water while many residents are stuck in the flood. Therefore, local armed forces in the region have rushed to the scene to support victims.

According to Colonel Nguyen Dinh Hong, Second-in-Command of Ia Pa district’s Military Command under the Gia Lai provincial Military Command, right after receiving information, the unit sent troops and vehicles to evacuate the troubled people.

Twenty troops and nearly 60 militiamen with five canoes were divided into two teams. The first teams rescued people stuck in the mudflats for growing melons in the middle of the Ba River, while the second was in charge of moving flooded households in Ju village, Ia Broai commune, to a safer place.

As a result, the forces moved 333 out of 1,183 households to safe sites.

On the afternoon of December 2, the flood water gradually receded. Military troops and other forces helped victims in the communes of Chu Mo, Ia Tul, Ia Broai, Ia Trok, Chu Rang overcome flood consequences.

In Khanh Hoa province, the provincial armed forces also assisted local people in overcoming flood aftermath. According to Nha Trang city Military Command’s Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Tan Dung, due to the complicated developments of floods, threatening people’s lives, the unit directed affiliated branches in the communes of Vinh Trung, Vinh Thanh, Vinh Phuong, Vinh Ngoc, Vinh Hiep to quickly rescue victims.

Therefore, troops and vehicles rushed to the areas to evacuate 38 out of 132 households to a safer place.

Translated by Minh Anh