Patient with serious illness flown ashore for treatment

Earlier on at 19 hundred hours on June 11, fisherman Pham Huu Nhan felt tired and unable to speak and walk and had right hemiplegia while fishing squid near Song Tu Tay. At 12 hundred hours on June 12, the patient was taken to Song Tu Tay Island’s infirmary for emergency aid by trawler QNa 91964 TS.

Having consulted doctors from a military hospital on the mainland through a Telemedicine system, doctors determined that the patient’s condition could be worsened and requested to take the patient ashore for treatment.

Receiving higher level’s order, Army Corps 18 sent Helicopter EC225 with an aero-medical evacuation team of Military Hospital 175 to fly the patient from Song Tu Tay ashore for treatment.

At 23 hundred hours on June 13, the helicopter safely landed on the heliport of the Traumatology and Orthopedics Institute of Military Hospital 175. The patient was then taken to emergency room for treatment. 

Translated by Tran Hoai