Speaking at the event, Senior Colonel Lan said that along with its main mission of information and communications, over the past years, the PAN has actively organized various meaningful activities to support policy families, national contributors, poor people, disabled people, and orphans. These activities contributed to promoting the national tradition of “La lanh dum la rach” (the good leaves cover the worn-out), thus easing adversity of underprivileged people in society and featuring the beautiful image of Uncle Ho's soldiers among the Vietnamese people.

Senior Colonel Phung Kim Lan presenting gifts to needy children in the orphanage

During this drive, the PAN presented rice, pens, notebooks, candies and necessities, worth more than 25 million, to needy children at the orphanage. Senior Colonel Lan hoped that these gifts would help the staff and children of the Hoa Phuong orphanage overcome their difficulties in life.

Luong Thi Hao, Director of the Hoa Phuong Orphanage thanked the PAN's leadership, reporters, editors, staff and soldiers for their significant care and support, and affirmed that the PAN’s precious sentiment has encouraged the orphanage's staff to do more good things for society.

Established in 1992, the Hoa Phuong Orphanage has been home to many orphans in Hai Phong city.

Translated by Lam Anh