Reportedly, on the evening of December 5, the owner of trawler QB 1045 TS, Nguyen Van Phuong from Quang Dong commune, Quang Binh province’s Quang Trach district, and three other fishermen went fishing. At the area some 500m from Nhat Le estuary, they lost control of the fishing vessel and it was washed ashore by the waves and sank due to huge waves and fast-flowing water.

Nhat Le border guards join hands to rescue distressed fishermen.

Receiving a SOS signal, fishing vessel QB 91221 TS head to the scene in an effort to rescue vessel QB 1045 TS. However, bad weather and big waves hindered that effort. Unluckily, the fishing vessel QB 91221 TS was also stranded, and at risk of sinking.

Upon receiving the news, Nhat Le Border Post mobilized 15 officers, soldiers and vehicles to coordinate with local forces and people to urgently carry out rescue work and take the fishermen and trawler ashore.

Translated by Song Anh