The blaze broke out at around 6a.m. at an agricultural land area of the village.

Spotting the blaze, local forces joined hands to put it out. It was controlled promptly later. However, at noon the same day, the fire continued and spread.

Naval troops from Naval Region 5 heading to the fire area

Acknowledging the complexity of the fire, the Naval Region 5 Command assigned two fire engines and dozens of officers and soldiers from Battalion 563 to cooperating with on-site forces to extinguish the fire on the request of the Phu Quoc city public security force.

Troops from Battalion 563 fighting the fire

Due to hot weather and many melaleuca trees, grass and dry leaves in the area, the fire quickly spread and made the firefighting more difficult. However, with their great efforts, the combined forces successfully put out the fire after nearly 2 hours.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

Translated by Mai Huong