The Coast Guard ship towing the distressed trawler

Earlier, at 11:43 on March 17, the Naval Region 2 Command received information from the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center Region 2 that steel-hulled trawler QB 91609, captained by Nguyen Huu Sau, born in 1979 and a native of Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province, went adrift 90 nautical miles south-southeast of Con Co Island, Quang Tri province due to an engine failure.

The command immediately ordered Ship No.2016 operating in the Central region’s waters for a rescue mission. After three hours of searching for the troubled trawler in bad weather condition, at 15:30 the same day, the ship approached the trawler. The ship’s troops inquired after the fishermen and then towed the trawler ashore.

At the port, the trawler and its fishermen were handed over to relevant forces and local authorities.

Translated by Mai Huong