In Binh Minh commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province, more than 50 troops from the Military Command of Binh Son district and militiamen of Binh Minh commune joined hands to remove fallen trees to restore traffic flow.

Apart from Binh Minh commune, other troops of the Binh Son district Military Command also came to other communes in the district and the district’s health clinic to clean the local environment and assist locals in returning to their normal life.

Troops helping local people clean the environment

Touched with the troops’ whole hearted support in repairing her damaged house, Nguyen Thi Cuoc, the widow of a martyr in Tan Phuoc village, Binh Minh commune said that she felt at ease with the presence and assistance of local troops.

Through a phone talk, Colonel Ho Ngoc Hien, Commander of the Military Command of Ly Son island district, said that his unit mobilized 205 troops and militiamen to tidy up roads, remove fallen trees from schools, and arrange the school’s furniture. They also actively gave support to families with damaged houses.

Meanwhile, hundreds of troops from military commands of Son Tinh and Mo Duc districts helped re-roof Nghia Chanh secondary school and the local general hospitals and restore local traffic flow as well.

According to Senior Colonel Vo Van Ba, Commander of the provincial Military Command of Quang Ngai, knowing that many people were trapped in the flood on the Tra Khuc river in An Phu village, Tinh An commune, the command dispatched 25 troops, 2 canoes and 2 other vehicles to rescue them. They successfully took all 38 distressed people to a safe place.

Saving local people on Tra Khuc River

The same day, over 250 cadets and troops from the Military School and Signal Brigade 575 under Military Region 5 headed to Hoa Vang, Cam Le and Lien Chieu districts in Da Nang city to help locals remove fallen trees and garbage. With the troops’ assistance, Dang Thai Mai Secondary School could reopen the next day.

Meanwhile, the Naval Region 3 Command sent nearly 500 troops to clean beaches along Hoang Sa and Vo Nguyen Giap streets in Da Nang city.

A number of troops from Coast Guard Region 2, and the Da Nang city Border Guard Command were also deployed to help locals resume their normal life soon.

The troops’ support for locals in the hardest time has helped strengthen the close-knit ties between troops and people and brighten the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers.

Translated by Mai Huong