Thanks to the Party and State’s ethnic policies, over the past years, the living quality of the ethnic groups has been improved. However, the hostile forces always try to divide and destroy the great bloc of national unity and make use of land disputes to cause instability.

In order to conduct the ethnic work in the areas, Division 330 has directed its affiliated units to work with the local authorities to grasp local situations. One of the measures that they have taken is gradual mass mobilization work. Therefore, all troops are well aware of the importance of the task.

Representatives of Division 330 presenting gifts to Khmer people

Especially, troops tasked with mass mobilization work have good knowledge of ethnic groups. “This is the core force in implementing mass mobilization work among ethnic groups,” affirmed Political Commissar of Division 330 Colonel Duong Cong Sang.

Accordingly, the troops have focused on disseminating information about the guidelines and policies of the Party, State and military on ethnic groups, hostile forces’ plots targeting ethnic groups, and the Law on Military Service.

They have also inquired after and presented gifts to needy households, while organizing cultural and sports exchange programs.

Handing over gifts to Khmer people

Since 2017, the division has supported the locals to build and repair 77 houses, worth totally nearly VND 4.5 billion, and offered rice and gifts to needy ethnic groups at a total cost of more than VND 450 million, among others.

These activities have contributed to helping local ethnic groups overcome difficulties and stabilize their life.

Commander of Division 330 Senior Colonel Nguyen Viet Hung affirmed that in the coming time, the unit’s chains-of-command would continue to strictly implement directions and instructions of the higher levels on the ethnic work in the current context as well as mass mobilization work. Meanwhile, it will work closely with the local authorities and relevant forces to grasp the situations so as to effectively conduct mass mobilization work in the stationed areas.

Translated by Minh Anh