At the meeting on June 10 in Hanoi, the participants from civilian and military press and media agencies voiced their opinions on provided information on natural disasters, incidents and SAR from relevant agencies, information dissemination on the military’s response to natural disasters and other press and media pieces on chemical incident, explosion and fire prevention, responses to oil spills, SAR operations on river and at sea.


They also discussed approaches to promoting information dissemination on the role of troops in SAR operations and assisting victims in overcoming consequences of natural disasters and other incidents, and on equipping the public with knowledge and skills to make early responses to natural disasters to reduce damages.

Last year, the whole military mobilized over 280,000 troops and militia and self-defense forces for rescue missions and overcoming natural disaster consequences.

In his concluding speech, Lieutenant General Ngo Duc Quy, the Department’s Director, appreciated good results on SAR operations achieved by military agencies units over the past time.

Quy asked related agencies and units to boost information dissemination; ensure forces for natural disaster prevention, SAR operations; and promote practices in line with the requirements of their missions.

Translated by Chung Anh