Each household receives essentials and a pair of chung cakes

Specifically, 206 households in Moai, Sam and Suoi Khon villages received essentials for Tet and a pair of chung cakes made by the regiment’s troops.

These gifts are meaningful to ensure a happy Tet for the recipients who are leading difficult lives.

On the occasion of this Tet, the regiment has extracted over VND 250 million from its budget to wrap chung cakes for people in Ia Pior and Ia Mo communes. It also offered gifts to 85 village patriarchs, village heads, and secretaries of the Party committees of six communes in Chu Proong district, and 98 needy households and children with fatal illness. The regiment also supported its needy troops and workers as well.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Thai Ba Mao, the regiment’s political commissar, this is an annual activity carried out by the regiment to ensure a happy Tet for people in the area where the unit is stationed.

Translated by Song Anh