Alongside providing adequate equipment, supporting tools, communication systems, and search and rescue gear, the annual training for Thanh Hoa's maritime militia force is systematically organized with high quality. Consequently, the province's maritime militia force has consistently served as a reliable support for fishermen in all circumstances.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Hung, Head of the Militia Board of the Thanh Hoa Provincial Military Command, stated that alongside combat training to protect the coastal areas, the maritime militia force frequently collaborates with the border force to conduct littoral and offshore patrols, promptly addressing any arising issues. Particularly regarding rescue operations, the units focus on conducting training exercises tailored to specific situations, simultaneously maintaining a firm grasp of the maritime scenarios and executing duties as assigned.

Hoang Hoa district's Military Command coordinates with the border guards to conduct training activities for the maritime militia force.
Thanh Hoa province's maritime militia force in training at sea

Hoang Hoa district is among the areas with numerous offshore fishing vessels. The majority of the maritime militia force consists of fishermen operating in large and dispersed fishing grounds, with limited training opportunities. Therefore, the district's military command annually devises training plans and realistic exercises that align with the fishermen's schedules. The maritime militia force units undergo rigorous and scientifically-organized training, covering specified contents with different timeframes, focusing on imparting information to enhance public awareness of safeguarding maritime sovereignty and responding to accidents at sea.

According to Head of Hoang Truong Commune's Military Command Le Xuan Tung, thanks to comprehensive training, the maritime militia force has closely coordinated with the border guard and fisheries surveillance forces, as well as other units to protect maritime sovereignty and border security at sea. Additionally, they actively participate in maritime rescues, disaster prevention and  control, educate fishermen about maritime laws, and collaborate with other forces to maintain security in the mooring areas for fishing vessels.

Sam Son city's maritime militia force in the training content of observing targets at sea

To enhance capabilities and combat readiness for the maritime militia force, the military commands of districts with the maritime militia force have tightly collaborated with border guard posts and coast guard units, intensifying training programs covering various crucial aspects.

The training contents help the maritime militia force in understanding the plots and schemes of hostile forces, enhancing awareness of maritime sovereignty, and refining their skills and tactics in executing duties.

The marine militia forces in a shooting test

With these appropriate results, Thanh Hoa's maritime militia force genuinely stands as a reliable support for fishermen at sea, contributing significantly to ensuring order, safety, and protecting maritime sovereignty in the assigned region.

Translated by Trung Thanh