Making sand bags to reinforce the dyke

Over the past days, high tides and big waves have caused serious landslides on the eastern coast of Pho Truong village. Especially at 19:00 on December 5, big waves caused landslides nearly 10 meters inland, with a length of more than 300 meters. Moreover, thousands of cubic meters of soil and rock were washed away into the sea, worrying the locals.

In the face of landslides threatening the lives and property of the locals, the Quang Ngai provincial Military Command directed its affiliate at the city level to deploy 50 troops to undertake the embankment task.

The troops joined local forces to reinforce the dyke with sand bags and other on-site materials.

Recent landslides affected four households with 15 members. They could threaten the lives of 29 local households with 143 members if no action was taken.

Translated by Mai Huong