Regardless of heavy rain or storm, “students” of Major Pham Anh Tu from Production Team No.3 of the Lam Dong Defense-Economic Unit always come to class on time.

The Lam Dong Defense-Economic Unit is stationed in the North Lam Dong Defense-Economic Zone, a remote area facing many difficulties in economy and society. Most people in the area are from ethnic groups and many are illiterate. That is the reason why the literacy class was formed.

The literacy class was opened in March this year with Major Pham Anh Tu in charge. It has more than 60 students. The students learn how to read and write for four to six months. Every night, two or three teachers who are officers of Production Team No.3 teach their students.

Born into and raised in a poor family with many children in Phi To village, a 45-year-old female named K’B Reu had to stay at home to look after her younger brothers and sisters or followed her parents to work on paddy fields when she was a little girl. Receiving the information about the literacy class, she signed up for the class. K’B Reu shared that thanks to the class, she could read, write, and do some simple calculations after two months.

According to Major Pham Anh Tu, he was very glad that he could help villagers realize their dream of knowing how to read and write. He hoped that there will be more literate people in the future, thereby their life will be better.

Literacy class in Phi To village

Translated by Song Anh