The set of life jackets includes marine survival gear such as an inflatable swim buoy, floating bag, water bags, waterproof matches, flashlights, goggles, anti-slip fishing gloves, compass, water filters, and so on.

Life jackets presented to Platform DK1

These gifts are expected to help naval troops who are conducting missions on DK1 platforms better fulfill their missions.

Speaking at the event, Nguyen Thi Tranh, head of the “Sharing” charity group showed her deep gratitude to the naval troops of DK1 platforms, who make significant contributions to safeguarding national sovereignty over seas and islands.

In turn, Lieutenant Colonel Nghiem Xuan Thai, Political Commissar of DK1 Platforms, expressed his thanks for the support of the charity group over the past time, and at the same time affirmed that the unit’s officers and soldiers will continue overcoming difficulties to fulfill their assigned tasks.

Translated by Trung Thanh