* On August 31, at Port No.1 in Da Nang city, the Naval Region 3 Command handed over 10 sailors on troubled ship Thai Thuy 88 of the Ocean Shipping No.18 JSC to relevant agencies.

Previously, the ship experienced main engine failure while transporting coal from Can Tho city on August 29 when it began sinking due to high waves and strong winds.

After receiving the ship’s mayday, a joint team, including three ships from the region, two from the Vietnam Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, one Vietnamese cargo ship, and two Malaysian and Singaporean ships, successfully conducted the search and rescue mission.

Among them, Ship 365 of Naval Region 3 approached and took all 10 distressed sailors to shore.

Troops from the Quang Binh provincial Border Guard Command support local fishermen to cope with the storm.

* On August 29, trawler QNg94945-TS with four fishermen on board sank due to high waves about 50 nautical miles from Quang Tri province’s coast.

Fortunately, fishing boat QNg98198-TS operating near the scene successfully rescued and took all of the distressed victims to Da Nang city on the following day.

According to the Department of Search and Rescue under the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, between August 28 and 30, military units and other forces joined hands to save nine ships with 87 crew-members on board.

* On August 31, Phu Tho and Lao Cai provinces mobilized 451 people, including 407 troops from local armed forces, to locate two missing people and deal with the storm’s consequences.

In addition, the Quang Ninh provincial Military Command sent 230 soldiers and militiamen and six trucks to coordinate with local forces to help the locals resume their normal lives.

Meanwhile, 180 soldiers and militiamen and five military vehicles of the Thanh Hoa provincial Military Command arrived in storm-hit localities to evacuate four households to safer sites and support the victims.

Translated by Van Hieu