VNH South's helicopters complete the mission.

According to Hoyer Transport Vietnam Co., Ltd., while en route from Kohsichang port (Thailand) to Lian Yun Gang port (China), Captain of Ship MV Wuzhou 8 (Chinese nationality) discovered that 18 out of 21 crew-members had signs of food poisoning and needed urgent medical care. The ship was about 110km southeast of Con Dao island district.

Having receiving higher levels’ direction, VNH South promptly deployed forces, made all preparations, and sent helicopters EC-225 and Super Puma L2 carrying doctors and nurses to fly the foreign patients to Con Dao for treatment. All crew-members were determined to save the foreigners while ensuring absolute safety.

Despite complicated weather conditions caused by the circulation of the fourth (Noru) storm, the crews of VNH South’s helicopters EC-225 and SuperPuma L2 flexibly and closely coordinated with relevant units to fly ill foreign sailors to Con Dao island district of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province in a timely and safe manner.

At present, foreign crew-members are being treated at Con Dao Military - Civilian Medical Center.  They have shown signs of recovery.

A patient is being treated at Con Dao Military - Civilian Medical Center.

According to the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center of Region 3 (MRCC III), the center sent Ship SAR 272 from Vun Tau city to approach and tow the distressed foreign ship ashore.

Translated by Tran Hoai