Hanoi will purchase helicopters for firefighting and other rescue operations at a relevant time, said an officer from the Hanoi Police for Fire Prevention and Fighting (PFPF).

Police Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Director of the PFPF, said that to cope with severe fires that have been occurring very often and causing vast damage, including high human casualties, the city fire fighting police will likely purchase helicopters at a certain time.

Police Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Son. Photo: Vietq.vn

"Helicopters cost very high, so it is necessary to consider many factors before purchasing them," Son noted.

The colonel remarked that following a recent decision by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, three major fire prevention and fighting centres would be set up in the North, Centre, and South.

He confirmed that firefighting forces in these three key centres would be provided with helicopters.

Reviewing the fire situation, Son revealed that a total of 84 fires and one explosion have occurred in the capital city since early this year, killing 7, injuring 11, and causing damage estimated at 13 billion VND (roughly 600,000 USD).

The feasibility of purchasing and using helicopters for firefighting and other rescue work has been under consideration for more than two years, since the Ministry of Public Security asked the Hanoi Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting to study it.

As the request followed an increasing number of fires in the city, experts warned that the most complicated problem would be to use and integrate helicopters with other firefighting infrastructures.

Most of the fires were caused by faulty electric circuits and gas leaks, with nearly 60 percent of the fires occurring in high density residential areas, experts said.

Source: VNA