Secretary of the Ha Nam Provincial Youth Union Organization said that after receiving the news, the organization quickly implemented procedures to present the certificate of merit to the serviceman. The award is to promptly recognize and honor Thu’s courage and self-forgetfulness for others. His action contributed to beautifying the images of Uncle Ho’s soldiers, who are always willing to help and protect people in any circumstances.

Ha Nam province's Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union chapter hands over the certificate of merit to Captain Ngo Van Thu.

The official hoped that youngsters of the locality will follow Thu’s example to do meaningful activities and develop the community good lifestyle.

As reported by the People’s Army Newspaper previously, on the way back home from his office on September 17, Captain Ngo Van Thu saw many people shouting to rescue a woman drowning in the river. Without hesitation, he jumped into the river from Chau Son Bridge to save the victim.

He quickly swam towards the victim, grabbed her back of the neck and lifted her head out of the water to ensure her safety.

Fortunately, while he was taking the victim ashore, a local fishing boat came along. He clung to the side of the boat, and the fisherman safely brought the victim ashore and handed her over to the local police force.

In recognition of his courage, the defense minister also sent a letter of compliment to Thu and the provincial military command presented a certificate of merit to him.

Translated by Trung Thanh