The committee handed over 23 gifts, worth VND 500,000 each, to children with congenital heart defects, Agent Orange victims, children with disabilities, and children facing difficult circumstances. The delegation also met with families whose children are facing severe illnesses and encouraged them to overcome difficulties in order to support and care for their children.

The mission visits and gives gifts to Hoang Cong Danh.
The organizing panel hands over gifts to children.

In the coming time, the committee plans to present additional 24 gifts to children with serious illnesses and disabilities of officers, staff, and workers of units under the corps. 

Visiting and presenting gifts to its officers, staff, and workers’ children is a significant deed regularly done by the corps’ Committee for Population, Family and Children to encourage and motivate children to overcome illnesses to grow, thus helping their parents to have peace of mind to work and contribute to building and consolidating defense and security in the Southern Central Highlands region.  

Translated by Chung Anh