A soldier of Roon Border Post checks the vehicle before taking a search and rescue mission on request.

On October 16, it rained heavily in several areas in the province, raising the level of water in rivers and streams in mountainous Minh Hoa district, causing flooding and isolation. Facing that situation, the provincial Border Guard Command directed its affiliates stationed along the borderline to prepare forces and vehicles to undertake search and rescue missions on request.

Meanwhile, local border posts continued calling on trawlers to take refuge and avoid risky places. They also worked with local authorities to check places prone to landslides and inundation and deploy troops to guard, set up barriers, and prevent people from passing them to avoid causalities. They advised households to evacuate to safer areas and gave support to them.

According to Senior Colonel Trinh Thanh Binh, Commanding Officer of the command and deputy head of the steering committee on natural disaster prevention and search and rescue and civil defense of Quang Binh province, apart from devising flood prevention plans, the local border troops have applied measures to ensuring safety at border checkpoints, border gates, and quarantine areas.

The border troops have also instructed over 6,600 ships and boats to safe places and prepared food to give timely assistance to locals during possible long-day isolation.

Translated by Chung Anh