Troops helping five residents isolated because of the rising water level on the A Sap river

Earlier, at 15:30 on September 12, while conducting a patrol in Hung Thinh village, Huong Phong commune, while patrolling Dien Lo Dau, a working team of the border post found five residents, who were being isolated because of the rising water level in the A Sap river after a flood swept through.

Reportedly, the five had finished working in their fields in the mountains, but they could not return home because the river water rose rapidly due to a sudden heavy rain.

The Border Post of A Dot International Border Gate immediately mobilized forces, together with the local authorities, to rescue the victims. At 17:30, all of them were taken to safe areas.

Currently, it is raining torrentially in the province, causing the threat of flooding and landslides. In response to the possible natural disasters, the province has moved over 4,000 households with more than 11,000 people to safer places and is ready to further evacuate other 13,000 families.

Troops of the Border Post of A Dot Border Gate helping locals harvest rice

In addition, the border guards also closely grasped situations in the locality so as to bring people to safer areas while sending troops to help local people harvest crops.

Translated by Minh Anh