Fishermen taken home by border troops

The trawler, with 27 fishermen onboard, was hit by an unknown freighter in Binh Thuan waters on the early morning of September 10, causing nine injuries and two missing persons. After receiving the fishermen, medical personnel of the Border Post of Phu Quy Border Port worked with their colleagues from the Civil-Military Medical Center of Phu Quy district to treat the injured and provide health check-ups for the other 16 fishermen. The Search and Rescue Station of the Border Post of Phu Quy Border Port also provided accommodations for the fishermen.

After the fishermen’s health recovered, under the instruction of the Binh Thuan provincial Border Guard Command, the Border Post of Phu Quy Border Port and and other units took the 25 fishermen home.   

At present, relevant agencies are searching for the missing fishermen and working with maritime administrations and inland waterway administrations across the country to track down the ship that caused the accident and investigate the case.  

Translated by Tran Hoai