The working mission was tasked to survey the landslide location and draw up a plan to rescue and evacuate local people to safer places.

Many areas in Thua Thien - Hue province are flooded.

When the working mission was trying to get to the hydropower plant, it got dark. So the working mission had to stay in a shelter of Forest Ranger Squad 7.

The rain became heavier during the night, and it made part of a nearby hill fall down onto the shelter. Some members of the working mission managed to escape the accident but the remainders are still missing.

According to a report released on October 13 by the Ministry of National Defense, the survivors have still lost contact with the missing ones. A number of military units with equipment and machinery have immediately been mobilized to the scene for a search and rescue mission.

The rescue force is now racing against time to search for the missing.

Translated by Thu Nguyen