Reportedly, in order to soon put the law into life, the MND has closely worked with the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Information and Communications as well as functional organs and people’s committees of 44 provinces and cities located along the shared borderline to build a plan on disseminating the law and other related documents in the 2011-2025 period.

Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Vo Minh Luong speaks at the event.

At  the event, the MND presented two special subjects: Basic contents of the Vietnam Border Guard Law and other related documents which regulate detailed implementation of the law, to heads of central committees, ministries and sectors; leaders at people’s committees of provinces and cities, military chains-of-command, and instructors and staffers at the Border Guard Academy.

At the same time, the trainees learned about the State’s policies on border guards, functions and missions of border guard force, organization and operation responsibility of the border guard force, cooperation mechanisms among governmental agencies, military units in charge of performing border tasks, and cooperation activities between military units and the border guard force in safeguarding the national borderline sovereignty.

In his speech, General Luong recognized and praised the results in the drafting and development of the Vietnam Border Guard Law. After being ratified by the National Assembly, the Vietnam Border Guard Command and functional organs of the MND quickly built plans and tutorial decrees to submit to the prime minister for approval.

The deputy defense minister asked the trainees, after the conference, to use their acquired knowledge to launch similar programs to train their subordinates. Meanwhile, units in the military should popularize the Vietnam Border Guard Law among troops.

An overview of the online conference (Screen captured)

In addition, General Luong underlined the importance of raising responsibility of ministries, sectors and border localities on the whole people’s border posture and border warfare, while joining hands with the MND in building up core forces to implement border work, contributing to boosting cooperation in protecting and managing the shared borderline.

Moreover, General Luong requested the MND’s functional organs and affiliated units to seriously grasp and carry out basic contents of the law, especially the cooperation between the Vietnam Border Guard Command and the MND’s relevant agencies.

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Border Guard Command should promptly instruct its chapters at the provincial level to build their own plans and work with local organs to open and complete refresher courses on the Vietnam Border Guard Law within the second quarter of this year as scheduled by the MND.

Translated by Minh Anh