At the meeting, the PAN’s Editor-in-Chief Major General Doan Xuan Bo expressed thanks to Minister Hung and the key officials of the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) for their continuous care, encouragement, and support to the newspaper. Talking about the newspaper’s task performance over the past time, Gen. Bo said that on the basis of dissemination orientation of the Central Military Commission (CMC), the Ministry of National Defense (MND), the General Department of Political Affairs (GDP), and the MIC, the PAN has closely followed the nation and the military’s political missions and effectively disseminated two strategic missions of national construction and defense. 

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung and delegates visit a space introducing photos of the PAN’s activities.

In particular, the newspaper has strengthened the dissemination of patriotic emulation movement, “Determined to Win” movement, and military and civilian exemplary people, contributing to encouraging troops and people to successfully fulfill socio-economic targets. Notably, the military press agency has over the past 14 years maintained the “Simple but noble examples” writing contest. It has launched a writing contest on protecting the Party's ideological foundation in the new situation, attracting active participation of press agencies and reporters across the country and receiving high appreciation from leaders of the Party, the State, the CMC, and the MND.

In 2023, the PAN has pocketed around 20 press awards of different kinds, including one first, one second and two third prizes of the National Press Award on Party building (known as Golden Hammer and Sickle Award), and two third prizes of the first National Press Award on the National Assembly and People's Council (also known as Dien Hong Award), among others.  

Speaking at the meeting, the MIC minister shared difficulties confronting the PAN in its realization of the plan on becoming a multimedia press agency and attraction of readers to its online newspaper. He urged the newspaper to make thorough preparations of all aspects, especially human resources and information technology, to make breakthroughs to deserve the position as one of the six major multimedia press agencies orientating public opinion of Vietnam.   

Emphasizing the PAN’s great contribution to the national press in general and the military press in particular, Mr. Hung urged the press agency to change dissemination methods on its online edition on the one hand and make the most of technologies and strengthen information dissemination on social network to increase interaction with the public on the other hand.

The minister of information and communications promised to propose stipulating rules and policies, especially on human resource investment and technical equipment, to meet the needs of six major press agencies, including the PAN. He added that the ministry will cooperate and ask ministries and central agencies to give practical support to the newspaper.

Lieutenant General Le Quang Minh (fourth from left) congratulates the PAN on the press day.

The same day, the GDP’s Deputy Chief Lieutenant General Le Quang Minh led a delegation to visit and congratulate the PAN on the press day. During the conversation with the newspaper’s representatives, Gen. Minh congratulated the newspaper on its achievements over the past time and wished its personnel health, happiness, and success. 

The GDP’s deputy chief strongly believed that the PAN’s soldiers-reporters would firmly uphold political stance, bring into play professional competence, and keep the vanguard and enthusiastic spirit in the ideological and cultural front, contributing to promoting the newspaper’s position as one of the six major multimedia press agencies orientating public opinion and fulfilling all assigned political missions. 

Translated by Tran Hoai