Sr. Lt. Gen. Phan Van Giang addresses the meeting

Last year, amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, defense agencies and military units achieved good results in e-government building. They issued a number of legal documents, and ensured safety of information.

The MND effectively directed the application of video-conferencing to promote defense diplomacy in Vietnam’s ASEAN Chairmanship Year 2020 and cooperation among defense agencies and military units. In addition, military academies and schools opened more courses to equip their staff and cadets with information technology skills. Moreover, IT was also applied to other training and exercises.

In his speech, General Giang applauded defense agencies and military units for their efforts to implement e-government building. He asked them to increase information dissemination on IT application, build e-government, fix shortcomings, and multiply good models in IT application.

Apart from military and defense, General Giang urged them to conduct digital transformation in other fields, such as education and training, military medicine, defense industry, and technical services.

At the meeting, the steering committee agreed to mobilize and utilize all resources to consolidate IT infrastructure and increase IT application in MND’s affiliates, gradually digitize several industries, and consider IT an effective tool to realize the goal of building a modernized military.

Translated by Mai Huong