During the four-day course, key cadres from agencies and units in the whole military will study and discuss new combat methods in future warfare, military region defense operations in the struggle to safeguard the Fatherland, command and staff work in military region defense operations, organization and methods related to command exercises and province-level defensive area drills, some contents of Party and political work in operational and strategic-level command and staff exercises, and defensive area exercises.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong addresses the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Gen. Cuong stressed that the course aimed to improve the qualifications, capacity, and working methods for commanding officers and agencies at all levels in researching, evaluating situations, making suggestions and proposals to deal with issues related to defense and security in the new period.

According to Gen. Cuong, during the course, trainees would study methods, tactics, and means of combat of some recent conflicts in the world as a basis to give advice, direction, and add to combat document and apply to close-to-reality training and exercises to meet combat mission requirements in the new situation.

Delegates at the event

Gen. Cuong asked the organizing panel to conduct the training course as planned; the instructors to promote sense of responsibility, give lively and easy-to-understand lectures; the trainees to self-study and thoroughly grasp provided contents as well as apply gained knowledge to their real work to make positive changes in awareness of staff work and direction over the task implementation at their units.

Translated by Mai Huong