Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang, member of the Party Central Committee, permanent member of the CMC, Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Minister of National Defense, chaired the meeting with the Cipher Board of the Vietnamese Government.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Phan Van Giang speaks at the meeting.

Speaking at the event, General Giang highly valued the direction of the Party Committee of the Government’s Cipher Board in preparing for its Party Congress. He required the unit’s leadership to continuously embrace higher levels’ instructions and directions as well as complete all draft reports as planned to ensure the success of their Party Congress.

* The same day, Senior Lieutenant General Tran Don, member of the Central Party Committee, permanent member of the CMC, and Deputy Minister of National Defense, chaired conferences reviewing preparations of the Party Organizations of the Military Medical University, Logistics Academy, and Army Corps 15 for their Party congresses for the 2020-2025 term.

Review reports on the units’ preparations for the Party congresses issued by the GDP are in line with the outlines and contents of the draft political reports as well as with the units’ missions and the spirit of criticism and self-criticism of each Party organization and its members.

Addressing the events, General Don applauded efforts of the units’ Party Committee in preparing for their Party congresses over the past time. He required the Party committees to closely follow the GDP’s review reports and opinions of functional agencies to organize their Party congresses in the time to come. Also, the deputy defense minister asked them to raise their combined strength, build healthy and strong Party organizations, and comprehensively strong units so as to fulfill all assigned missions.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Tran Don speaks at the meeting reviewing the preparations for the Party Congress of the Military Medical University.

* Chairing the conference to review the preparations for the congress of the Party Organization of Army Corps 1, Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Be Xuan Truong, member of the Party Central Committee, member of the CMC, and Deputy Minister of National Defense, agreed with the constructive opinions of functional agencies, especially the review report by the GDP.

He asked the corps to clearly present the unit’s task accomplishment in the 2015-2020 period and give more details on the orientation of building an exemplary and typical Party Organization devised in the draft political report.

He urged the corps’ Party Committee to make breakthroughs in observing military disciplines, making accurate evaluations on the reality of training, combat readiness observance, and ensuring logistical services and equipment for missions.

* Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem, member of the Party Central Committee, member of the CMC, and Deputy Minister of National Defense, worked with the Party committees of the Army Academy and the Central Military Hospital 108 on July 7.

During the working sessions, he acknowledged and hailed the good preparation work of the units’ Party committees and asked them to thoroughly grasp documents and instructions of higher levels to successfully organize the upcoming congresses.

Also, the units were required to study the contents of the GDP’s verification reports and constructive opinions from relevant agencies, thus adjusting and supplementing documents to ensure the success of their upcoming Party Congress for the 2020-2025 term.

Translated by Trung Thanh