Lieutenant General Vu Van Kha, Acting Commanding General of the Vietnamese Air Defense - Air Force Service led the Vietnamese delegation to attend the event.

In his opening remarks, Air Chief Marshal Airbull Suttiwan emphasized that the meeting’s theme “Optimizing capability and cooperation against new challenges” was given in the context that the region is facing a number of threats posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and cyber-attacks.

Lt. Gen. Vu Van Kha attends the conference.

At the meeting, Lt. Gen. Vu Van Kha proposed enhancement of the synergy of ASEAN air forces in response to natural disasters, diseases, and new security challenges in the region in the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

The Vietnamese general suggested the air forces of ASEAN member states boost the regular implementation of consultation mechanism to map out practical cooperation contents and responsibly and effectively carry out joint activities, such as humanitarian assistance, disaster consequence relief, disease prevention and control, sharing of experience in the fields each country has strength.

An overview of the conference

The acting air chief of Vietnam also stressed the Vietnamese Air Defense - Air Force Service is willing to strengthen bilateral cooperation with other ASEAN air forces in such areas as exchanges of all-level delegations and between young officers, education and training, sharing of experience in flight safety, aviation medicine, air rescue, to name but a few.

Also at the meeting, ASEAN air chiefs approved the minutes of the meeting and witnessed the handover of the Chairmanship of the 19th ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference (AACC-19) in 2022 from the Royal Thai Air Force to the Lao Air Force.

Translated by Mai Huong