Reporter Deepannaj A C Ganesan of Singapore said this is the first time he has worked at a SEA Games, and he was very impressed with the vibrant football atmosphere in Thien Truong Stadium.

Every match in the stadium was really a football "party", he said.

Football fans in the Malaysia-Laos match

Meanwhile, Malaysian reporter Mohd Fahmi Ismail said the local authorities have prepared so well for football teams attending SEA Games 31.

Ahmad Nazrin Syahmi Mohamad Arif, another reporter from Malaysia, said that he is well disposed to local people because of their friendliness and hospitality.

According to the reporters, the stadium was always full of audiences in all the matches that took place there. Football fans in Nam Dinh were amazing, and they cheered very professionally.

Not only foreign reporters, head coaches of the men’s football teams have also expressed their impressions at the football atmosphere at the stadium.

Coach Michael Weiss of U23 Laos said every time the team played, there were a lot of spectators cheering for them.  He thanked Nam Dinh’s football fans for their special encouragement for his team.

Thien Truong Stadium, with a seat capacity of 30,000, has always been full of spectators during matches that start at 7pm, and attracted over 10,000 people in each match starting on 4pm.

The SEA Games 31 organising committee in Nam Dinh hoped that football fans would continue cheering for the teams in the next matches.

Source: VNA