A performance at the opening ceremony of the festival

The festival is among activities starting off the 2018 Quang Ninh National Tourism Year.

So far, preparations for the festival are on schedule and are well planned with a comprehensive infrastructure system.

Notably, two upgraded cable systems bringing tourists from Giai Oan to Hoa Yen and from Hoa Yen to An Ky Sinh are hoped to shorten the distance to Dong Pagoda, from 1km to 500m.

Furthermore, tourists will be able enjoy a night’s stay at the Yen Tu Landscape Relic Site when the Truc Lam-Yen Tu Cultural Center is put into operation.

During the festival, tourists will be entertained with folk games and spectacles such as cock fighting (normally banned in Vietnam but allowed under certain circumstances and with no gambling or betting permitted), tug-of-war, “con” throwing, traditional dances performed by Dao ethnic minority, dragon and unicorn dances as well as martial arts performances. Particularly, tourists will be able to contemplate yellow apricot blossoms at the festival’s central yard and learn about traditional embroidery.

Source: PANO/enternews.vn

Translated by Song Anh