A scene of the play

The play was written by late playwright Luu Quang Ha and directed by Eminent Artist Xuan Bac, the theater’s director.

Nearly 80 artists, including people’s artists Viet Thang, eminent artists Dinh Chien, Kieu Minh Hieu and Mai Nguyen, participated in this modernly-staged play.

According to director Xuan Bac, the play was based on a true story in the 1950s when all people and troops exerted all-out efforts to fight French invaders.

The play highlighted Uncle Ho’s leadership in the combat against corruption and wastefulness, in training troops with good morals and in military building.

This play used to be staged by various theaters before but this time the Vietnam National Drama Theater breathed fresh life into the play. The play has become a bright spot of the Vietnamese stage.

Translated by Chung Anh