A Hang Trong painting

The S River group - a team of youths who love Hang Trong paintings - organizes the exhibition. The event is also part of painting projects to preserve the traditional values and the beauty of the art of Hang Trong paintings, which in previous times always featured prominently during the Tet festival, but these days are more likely to be found in museums or galleries.

In addition, the exhibition aims to reintroduce this unique type of folk painting to the public, especially young generations, and reveal the potential application of Hang Trong paintings to the modern life.

During the event, the public will explore various unique products, such as the ancient and eternal motifs of Hang Trong paintings and creative motifs in the field of contemporary design and mixed motifs.

Also during the exhibition, folk art researcher Phan Ngoc Khue and designer Trinh Thu Trang will organize a seminar with visitors on January 13.

Translated by Lam Anh