The second volume is entitled "Lenh denh bon be."

The event was jointly held by the Central Council for the Theory and Criticism of Literature and the Arts, the Literature Publishing House, and the Lien Viet Culture and Communications Joint Stock Company.

The novel featured the image of President Ho Chi Minh from a little boy to a young man and his 30-year journey to seek a way for national liberation, turning Vietnam into an independent and unified country.

Entitled “Sea voyage” (Lenh denh bon bien), the second volume gives readers a better understanding of the strong and logical innovation in Nguyen Ai Quoc’s mindset and thought.

Writer Nguyen The Ky speaks at the event.

“Sea voyage” is the fourth novel by writer Nguyen The Ky. He hoped that the “Nuoc non van dam” novel would once again depict clearly and vividly President Ho Chi Minh - a simple but great man. “The highlight of the second volume is Nguyen Ai Quoc’s journey to become one of the founders of the French Communist Party and the first communist of Vietnam,” he said.

The 3rd volume of the “Thousands of miles away from home country” novel (also the third part of the play with the same name) is expected to debut at the end of this year.

Translated by Quynh Oanh