Renowned Japanese Chef Kazuhiro Matshuishi

Presenting eel and bronze featherback fish treating skills, renowned Japanese Chef Kazuhiro Matshuishi hopes that with sound techniques which help provide customers with safe and tasty dishes, he can give a fresh air to the Vietnamese gastronomy.

He also introduced his fish freezing method, which helps freeze fish without damaging the tissue structure.

The 53 year-old chef, who has 34 years of experience in culinary industry, said he wants to enhance cooperation with the Vietnamese side to popularize the freezing method in the country, while oganizing training courses on fish treating skills for Vietnamese chefs, enabling them to prepare high-quality and safe dishes.

Bronze featherback fish is a key agricultural product of Hau Giang, which is now home to the largest area of the fish in the country with nearly 100 hectares. It is striving to increase the farming area to more than 150 hectares in 2025.

Source: VNA