The meeting on COVID-19 response with the attendance of leaders from member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, is a timely and meaningful event, Ling told the Vietnam News Agency.

ASEAN member states and the three countries are friendly neighbors and close strategic partners, he said, noting that since the pandemic broke out, the countries have stood side by side in the battle.

The summits were under the chair of Vietnamese PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc. 

The summit demonstrates the resolve and will of East Asian nations in the fight against the pandemic and in efforts to maintain regional socio-economic development, according to Ling.

The countries exchanged viewpoints on cooperation to stem the spread of COVID-19 and maintain economic development, thus reaping significant achievements in improving medical collaboration in East Asia, promoting economic and trade ties and result-orientated cooperation, and speeding up regional economic integration.

Ling stressed that the Chinese Government and the international community lauded Vietnam’s role in initiating, organizing and pushing for the summit.

Regarding cooperation between ASEAN and China in the fight against the pandemic, Ling said China has stepped up exchange and collaboration with the grouping in this regard.

China has applied result-oriented measures at border gates to prevent COVID-19 from spreading to neighboring countries, thus minimizing direct and indirect losses caused by the pandemic in ASEAN.

China attaches importance to developing relations with ASEAN, enhancing strategic connectivity and promoting pragmatic cooperation, and supports the grouping’s centrality in cooperation in East Asia, he said.

Asked about collaboration between Vietnam and China, Ling said the two countries have assisted each other in the combat, adding that China applauds the efforts and effective measures taken by the Vietnamese Party, Government and people in the fight.

He suggested the two countries share measures and valuable experience to promptly tackle the adverse impacts of COVID-19 on bilateral trade and tourism.

Based on common perceptions reached by leaders, the two countries have maintained their mutual trust and joined hands to elevate their bilateral ties to a new high, Ling stressed.

Source: VNA