Students of University of Finance - Marketing visiting Brigade 167

During the event, participating students were briefed on the position, role and importance of Vietnam’s sea and islands to the national construction and defense cause.

They also learnt about the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies on protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands as well as achievements of the Vietnamese naval force, Naval Region 2 and Brigade 167 on protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Through the program, Brigade 167 expected to enhance students’ awareness of the protection of national sovereignty over sea and islands, arouse their patriotism and national pride, and raise their vigilance against the plots of hostile forces, thus contributing to protecting political security and local public order.

According to Political Commissar of Brigade 167 Captain Nguyen Thanh Nhan, the information dissemination program for students of the University of Finance – Marketing was one of the practical activities to build and consolidate military-civilian solidarity and enrich the shining image of naval troops.

Before the program, participating students visited and learnt about Brigade 167-allotted warships.

Translated by Tran Hoai