A view of the contest

Sixty students representing sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth graders of Hoai My, Hoai Phuong, and Hoai Hai secondary schools competed in four events, including “Going out to sea,” “Crossing the waves,” “Arriving at the wharf,” and “Planting a sovereignty marker” in the form of a multiple-choice test.

The students showed their knowledge of Vietnam's sea and islands, the Law of the Sea 2012, the Vietnam Coast Guard Law, harmful effects of drugs, ways to prevent and combat drugs, current school violence, duties, functions and traditions of the coast guard force, and history and traditions of Hoai Nhon town, among others.

Local students receive bikes.

At the end of the contest, the organizers presented one first, one second, two third, and three consolation prizes. Ninth grader Tran Hoang Gia Bao from Hoai Huong Secondary School won the first prize.

As part of the contest, Flotilla 21 and An Binh Company from Quang Ngai province presented 20 scholarships and 10 bikes to students of the three above schools.

Participating officers and Youth Union members make the sea clean.

On the occasion, Flotilla 21 and Hoai Nhon town’s Youth Union organization joined hands in a program under the theme “Clean the sea” at Hoai Hai beach in Hoai Nhon town.

Translated by Chung Anh