The infirmary on Nam Yet Island is managed by the doctors and medical staff from Military Hospital 103, the Military Medical University. Major, Doctor Le Ba Hanh, Head of the infirmary, showed the telemedicine remote consultation system that is connected with doctors on the mainland, along with the air conditioners and private operating room electricity system for surgeries; an X-ray machine, post-operative room, and an emergency recovery room...

Major, Doctor Le Ba Hanh introduces modern equipment at the infirmary.

With only seven medical staff, the infirmary has modern equipment which can help treat and save patients before transferring them to the mainland for further treatment. However, the remote consultation system is auxiliary. The most important thing for the military medical team on the island is their combined strength during on-site consultation. Their knowledge and skills have helped them independently and autonomously make timely decisions.

As a student at the Military Medical Academy and then became a doctor at Military Hospital 103 since 2017, Major, Doctor Le Ba Hanh was also the head of the COVID-19 prevention and control team in Binh Duong province; therefore, working far from home is not difficult for him. He affirmed that military medical staff are present wherever there are troops and people. With the equipment available on the island, “we can completely perform our tasks such as appendicitis, organ perforation, or other complicated cases before transferring patients to the mainland,” said doctor Hanh.

Delegates meet with and talk with medical staff at the infirmary.

Recently, a patient from Da Nang city on Da Lon Island (Discovery Great Reef) had abdominal pain and was transferred to Nam Yet Island’s infirmary for treatment at 11 p.m. He was diagnosed with acute appendicitis. Major Hanh decided to operate on the patient. His health is stable now, and he was discharged from the hospital after a few days. In cases of serious emergencies, the medical staff will discuss with doctors at Military Hospital 103 and Military Hospital 175 before operation.

The medical equipment on the islands has been upgraded.

Having been working at the Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine of Military Hospital 103, Lieutenant, Doctor Ha Van Tri was assigned to Nam Yet Island in January 2024. Doctor Ha Van Tri held that during the past three months, the infirmary has provided health check-ups for nearly 200 soldiers, given first aid to ten fishermen, and operated on 14 cases. Working on the Truong Sa Islands is a memorable experience in his life. “We feel honored and responsible to care for and protect the troops’ health, contributing to protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands.”

Encouraging the medical staff working on Nam Yet Island, Deputy Director of Military Hospital 103 Senior Colonel Nguyen Dinh Ngan affirmed that with high responsibility, the military medical staff here always apply what they have learned so as to save patients and address any arising issues.

Operating a digital X-ray machine

Colonel Nguyen Van Trong, Political Commissar of Nam Yet Island, said that the military medical staff have wholeheartedly taken care of troops and local people’s health, with equipment upgraded.

The Truong Sa archipelago is home to many troops, islanders and fishermen. Infirmaries on the islands not only play an important role in healthcare services but also motivate troops and local people to operate at sea, contributing to firmly protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Translated by Minh Anh