An officer of Coast Guard Region 3 popularizes legal information on sea and islands.

During the program, officers of the Coast Guard Region 3 Command provided participants with information related to security situation and safety at sea and on islands, the Party and State’s viewpoints, guidelines, and policies on the settlement of issues at sea, and basic contents of the Law on the Vietnam Coast Guard, among others.

Additionally, troops of Coast Guard Region 3 distributed more than 500 leaflets to disseminate information and guide fishermen to strictly observe regulations while conducting fishing activities at sea.

An overview of the program

Speaking at the event, Senior Colonel Le Van Tu, Political Commissar of Coast Guard Region 3, underlined that the dissemination program is a regular activity of the unit, contributing to raising fishermen and ship owners’ awareness while fishing at sea, tightening military-civilian solidarity, and further promote the strength of the great national unity bloc in the cause of safeguarding national sovereignty, maintaining security, order, safety, and sustainable economic development at sea and on islands.

Translated by Song Anh