The delegation visited and inquired after troops and islanders on seven islands, namely Song Tu Tay (Southwest Cay), Da Thi (Petley Reef), Sinh Ton Dong (Grierson Reef), An Bang (Amboyna Cay), Da Dong B (East London Reef B), Da Tay A (West London Reef A), Truong Sa (Spratly), and DK1/8 - Grainger Bank platform.

Standing Vice Chairman of the Quang Tri provincial People's Committee Ha Sy Dong presents VND 1 billion to the "Greening Truong Sa" program.

During the visits, the delegation presented a number of practical gifts, including televisions, bicycles, electric fans, money in cash, and other necessities. These gifts showed the delegation’s sentiments towards troops and islanders in Truong Sa island district and DK1 platforms and contributed to easing their difficulties.

Also, commanding officers of islands and DK1/8 platform briefed the delegation on their outcomes in task performance and expressed their gratitude to the Party, State, departments, localities, socio-political organizations, and businesses for their close care for troops and islanders.

At an artistic exchange between delegates and troops on Grierson Reef

The delegation offered incense at the memorial houses in dedication to President Ho Chi Minh and war martyrs and attended the flag-raising ceremony in Truong Sa; offered incense at the monument of Grand Duke Tran Quoc Tuan on Southwest Cay; and held a memorial service for fallen soldiers who sacrificed themselves to protect national sovereignty over sea and islands, to name but a few.

In his remarks, Rear Admiral Pham Van Quang emphasized that the visits gave delegates a better understanding of the daily life, study and training of troops and islanders in Truong Sa island district and DK1 platforms.

On the occasion, the Naval Command presented the “For the cause of protecting sovereignty over sea and islands” insignias and “Truong Sa soldier” badges to more than 200 delegates of the 13th delegation.

* Recently, the 14th delegation, including 228 delegates from 12 agencies and units, visited and presented gifts to troops and islanders on Song Tu Tay (Southwest Cay), Sinh Ton (Sin Cowe Island), Co Lin (Collins Reef), An Bang (Amboyna Cay), Da Dong (East London Reef), Da Tay (West London Reef), Truong Sa (Spratly), and DK1/20 – Bombay Castle platform.

The 14th delegation visits Truong Sa.

The delegation was led by Senior Captain Cao Van Son, Deputy Logistics Chief of the Naval Service. The visits were an occasion for delegates to pay tribute to fallen soldiers who laid down their lives in the struggle for national liberation and reunification.

During the visits, the delegation visited cultural works; offered incense in commemoration of fallen soldiers in the region; and conducted cultural and artistic exchange programs. Attentively, the delegation supported activities to provide health examinations for relatives of officers and soldiers on duty in the Truong Sa archipelago and on DK1 platforms.

The delegation offering incense in tribute to fallen soldiers in Truong Sa archipelago
Planting trees on Sin Cowe Island
Visiting and presenting gifts at Southwest Cay Infirmary
At an exchange on Truong Sa Island

Meanwhile, the Naval Service coordinated with agencies and units to hand over gifts to troops and islanders in Truong Sa island district. In detail, the Southern Power Corporation contributed VND 700 million and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry donated VND 400 million to the program “Greening Truong Sa.” The Ministry of Health presented medicines, medical supplies and goods while the delegation offered necessities, machinery, equipment, food and other items to troops and people on the islands and DK1 platforms.

Translated by Quynh Oanh