Outstanding authors honored at the event

Addressing the event, poet Huu Thinh, Chairman of the Vietnamese Writers’ Association emphasized the role of literature and arts in disseminating information about national seas, islands and borders. On the occasion, he expressed deep gratitude to ancestors for their sacrifices in safeguarding national territorial sovereignty.

Poet Huu Thinh also highlighted touching and valuable works by generations of Vietnamese people, including professional writers and artists.

Regarding the contest’s entries, the Chairman of the Vietnamese Writers’ Association underlined the good quality of the entries, saying that some have new subtle and profound approaches. He added that many entries have won readers’ hearts and received prestigious awards from the Ministry of National Defense, the Naval Command, and the Vietnamese Writers’ Association.

At the award ceremony, twelve best compositions received the honorable awards. These works, which have been already published and highly appreciated by readers, include “To quoc nhin tu bien” (The fatherland seen from the sea) by Nguyen Viet Chien, “Dao chim va hoi tho rung hoi” (The island and smell of anise forest) by Vuong Trong, “Ha thuy nhung giac mo” (Launching dreams) by Nguyen Huu Quy, “Song tram bien dung” (Calm and high sea) by Doan Van Mat, to name but a few.

Apart from the honorable awards, the association also presented the first prizes to four compositions, namely “Dao chim Truong Sa” (Truong Sa Islet) by Tran Dang Khoa, “Minh va ho” (We and they) by Nguyen Binh Phuong, “Ba phan tu trai dat” (Three quarters of the earth), and three poems: “Tubien ma di” (Advancing from the sea), “Tho viet ve bien” (Poems about the sea), and “Mo gio” (Wind tomb) by Trinh Cong Loc.

Ten second, 18 third prizes, and seven collective prizes were also presented to other outstanding compositions on national seas, islands, and borders, and groups.

Translated by Mai Huong