The move followed a request from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) on the application of enhanced security measures on flights to Japan during the time the country hosts the Olympic Games (from July 23 to August 8) and the Paralympic Games (from August 24 to September 5).

Vietnam to tighten security checks for flights to Japan (Photo for illustration:

To fulfill the responsibilities of a member state of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and relevant aviation laws, the CAAV required airports with flights to Japan to direct the aviation security control force to strictly implement random checks of at least 10 percent after the first security check for passengers and carry-on luggage.

There should be 10 percent random inspection of check-in baggage.

Airports were asked to increase the frequency of security surveillance and regularly update the situation, assess risks and promptly apply additional measures if necessary. They should report to the CAAV when there emerges any information threatening aviation security.

The CAAV also made similar request to airlines with flights to Japan. They were asked to coordinate with airports in implementing aviation security control measures at the request of the Japanese Government.

A representative of the CAAV said that the above-mentioned measures are applied to all flights originating from Vietnam to Japan, including passengers and baggage on connecting flights, from 00h00 on July 22 to the end of August 10 and from 00h00 on August 23 to the end of September 7.

Source: VNA