The open platform helps travel companies connect to a host of hotels, resorts and other types of accommodation for easy room check and booking.

Its rivaling finalists included the Liberzy tourism map sharing project that enables tourists to earn money via sharing their travel experiences; the Goeatme platform helping holiday-makers discover locations of good food worldwide; and the Tubudd platform that links visitors to local residents in tourist destinations around the globe.

Representative of the project receives the first prize

According to the organiser, all finalists and prize winners will be introduced to international and domestic startup investment programmes and have chance to secure funding valued from 1 million USD and above. They will also be honoured at the 2019 Vietnam Tourism Awards in the first-time-debut category of innovative startups that applying technologies in tourism development.

The top prize winner, meanwhile, will be selected to be a finalist of the Vietnam Startup Wheel contest.

The competition, co-organised by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Songhan incubator, aimed at gathering innovative ideas nationwide and spreading start-up spirit in the tourism sector.

Source: VNA