“Thanks to the training and development of its staff, the Health Center of Yang Tao commune now has nine members including one doctor, three paramedics and one midwife. From a makeshift wooden house lacking medical equipment, the health center was rebuilt in 2009 and has been equipped with modern machines and facilities needed to meet national standards. It has become a reliable address for local people to have medical examination and treatment,” said Deputy Head of Yang Tao Health Center Nguyen Dang Ha.

The staff of Yang Tao Commune’s Health Center are informing COVID-19 prevention and control measures to M’nong people in Dong Bac village.

H’Nien Kman, a nurse who has worked for 18 years for Yang Tao commune affirmed, “Apart from the progress in admission and treatment capacity, the health center has done well in raising people’s awareness of healthcare. When falling sick or giving birth, people go to medical facilities for examination and treatment instead of inviting sorcerers to cure the diseases. Severe cases are promptly referred to upper-level hospitals. In addition, the community’s awareness of disease prevention and control has also changed positively. For years now, Yang Tao has no longer had large outbreaks of infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.”

During the complicated COVID-19 pandemic in mid-2021, Yang Tao commune received nearly 2,000 workers returning from southern provinces, but its health center succeeded in testing, screening, isolating and sending patients for treatment, as well as preventing the spread of the pandemic.

At the beginning of 2022, Yang Tao Health Center was equipped with oxygen cylinders, ventilators and drugs which support the center’s staff in the treatment for COVID-19 patients at home, and provide first aid to critical situations.

Thanks to the investment in both human resources and facilities along with the progress in community healthcare, Yang Tao Commune Health Center has been recognized as meeting the national healthcare service standard. Moreover, it has become one of the representatives of Lak district in terms of the grassroots healthcare development and primary healthcare for ethnic minorities in extremely disadvantaged areas.

Translated by Tra My - Thu Hien - Hai Ha - My Linh