I would never forget the day I became a severe COVID-19 patient on December 8, 2021. After receiving a positive test result in surprise, I was confused and worried about myself, my family, my colleagues and especially my little son.

Two days later, I became seriously ill with pneumonia symptoms and was put on a ventilator. I was treated at the hospital’s COVID-19 treatment ward in an isolated block. As a patient, suffering from fast breathing and a feeling of suffocation, I could feel the anxiety and desire for life more than ever.

Treating COVID-19 infected patients at Central Military Hospital 108

Colonel Vu Viet Sang - head of the Respiratory Disease and Resuscitation Department at Central Military Hospital 108 - encouraged and strived everyday to find the best treatment for me and other patients. Besides, the care from leaders of the Cardiology Department and my colleagues highly motivated me to overcome the disease.

I was so moved and could not hold back the tears when my colleagues brought me a bowl of warm porridge every day. Not only did I sympathize with my teammates who have been working hard day and night, but also the patients who have been fighting for life.

I told myself to stay calm and look ahead to repay the sincerity of my teammates, relatives and Bin - my little son who is with me on the path of confidence and maturity.

After 22 days of treatment, experiencing critical moments and the extremes of illness, I could leave the hospital on December 30, 2021. I felt really lucky to be back on my feet, and  extremely proud of being a military medical staff and of my colleagues. They are working round the clock to regain the lives of patients and put aside their personal life to protect the people’s health in pandemic hotbeds. This is what has motivated me to take better care of my patients after recovering from illness.

It has been very cold in Hanoi recently while the number of COVID-19 patients is increasing day by day. The fight against COVID-19 is still ahead, but each of the white-blouse soldiers will always make an all-out effort and I believe that we will win the pandemic.

By Non-commission Captain Nguyen Thi Hong Nga (Central Military Hospital 108)

Translated by Minh Hieu - Hai Ha - Thu Hien - My Linh