Those are H’mong minorities migrating from Northern mountainous provinces between 1996 and 2000 and settling down in Ea Rot village, a remote mountainous area about 20km from the commune center with hard transportation conditions.  According to Head of Ea Rot village Vang Seo Mang, Ea Rot was officially established in 2004 and its residents had not been added to the household registration book until 2018. The rate of poor households in the village is 95% of poor households cultivating on an area of 306 hectares of farming land, mainly for growing cassava and coffee.

Ea Rot village is a remote mountainous area about 20km from the commune center with hard transportation conditions. (Photo: baodaklak)

Since 2019, Cu Pui commune has implemented the program “Charity breeding cows’’ to call on organizations and individuals to give away breeding cows to poor households in the village, which helps increase the locals’ income and stabilize their living conditions. From 2019 to April 2022, the commune has so far donated 37 breeding cows with a total value of more than 500 million VND.

The cow given to Vang Seo Vu on the first donating batch has given birth to two calves, one of which was sold at 15 million VND. Vang Seo Chao’s household was also provided with a breeding cow in 2019 and it now has one calf. “Our family thanks the program and the commune for caring, supporting, and instructing us on how to raise cattle to escape poverty,” said Lo Thi Chong, one of the cow receivers. In April 2022, the program “Charity breeding cows” handed over two breeding cows worth 50 million VND to Ea Rot villagers to help them develop the existing herds.

Poor residents in Ea Rot receiving breeding cows

Previously in 2018, the authorities of Cu Pui commune raised a fund of over 600 million VND to build a bridge across the Ea Rot stream. The village is currently enjoying the construction of a kindergarten, a primary school, and a village cultural house.

Thanks to the care of the authorities, the life of the H’mong ethnic people in Ea Rot village has improved gradually.

Translated by Hoang Tien - The Anh