Accordingly, the two sides will support each other in implementing their common goals, while exchanging information and experience in activities of Vietnamese women in Vietnam and European countries, giving consultations to women organizations in building development strategies and implementing projects related to the development of women.

At the signing ceremony

At the same time, they will share experience and cooperate in activities to maintain traditional Vietnamese values and integrate into foreign country’s society.

The two sides will coordinate to hold or join conferences, seminars and forums to seek measures in enhancing women’s role in socio-economic aspects, as well as training courses to provide women with management and leadership skills, thus increasing their opportunities to develop themselves, improve their role in the society, and update science-technology advances, according to the agreement.

At the signing ceremony, HNEW President Bui Thi Hai Yen said that the signing of the cooperation agreement with the VWFE, a prestigious women association of Vietnamese in Europe, will open up new development directions for both sides and help each other to realize their respective goals, she said.

The association, established in 2008, has nearly 250 members who are leaders of private businesses in all sectors.

Meanwhile, VWFE President Phan Bich Thien expressed her hope that the partnership with the HNEW will help connect entrepreneurs of Hanoi with their peers in Europe, bringing specific benefits for both sides and creating more favorable conditions for charity activities in Vietnam.

Thien said that the VWFE was set up in June 2023, gathering nearly 300 members from 21 countries, aiming to connect Vietnamese women in regional countries as well as between them and their peers at home.

She said that the forum will continue to organize more activities to link Vietnamese women regardless of their ages and backgrounds.

Source: VNA