Speaking at the workshop, Prof. Ngo Quy Chau, Deputy-Director and a doctor of the Hospital, said that smoking is the leading factor causing cardiovascular and cardiac diseases in Vietnam and around the world. Smoking just one cigarette a day increases the risks of heart disease by 50 percent and increases the risk of stroke by 25 percent in comparison with non-smokers. Thus, the benefits of smoking cessation will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and subsequent deaths by these diseases.

Prof. Ngo Quy Chau speaking at the workshop

* Responding to the “World No Tobacco Day” and the “National No Tobacco Week,” youths from the Engineer Officers School - Ngo Quyen University held various practical activities, such as strictly abiding by the regulation of "No smoking in the barracks," promoting information dissemination on preventing the toxic effects of tobacco and organizing activities and emulation movements so that each individual can raise his own awareness of tobacco harm, as well as working together to build a healthy learning environment.

* Kon Tum Provincial Committee for Tobacco Control on May 31 launched a ceremony on implementing a tobacco-free environment in response to the World No Tobacco Day and National Tobacco Week. Accordingly, the province is determined to carry out comprehensive and practical measures to prevent tobacco harm, including integrating the anti-smoking content into the emulation criteria and evaluation of officers and staff at agencies, units and schools, strictly banning the sales of all tobacco products and encouraging all people to remind smokers of not smoking in prohibited areas.

Translated by Lam Anh