President Ho Chi Minh's testament

The exhibition is to reaffirm the document’s theoretical and practical value, show the Vietnamese people’s respect and gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh, as well as review the achievements and lessons in implementing the testament over the past 50 years.

The first part of the exhibition showcases the items associated with the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh, who led the Vietnamese people in overcoming numerous difficulties and hardships to establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

The second part introduces materials concerning the core teachings in his testament about the Party, the youth, the working people and the world’s communist movement as well as his sentiments towards the country, people and the revolutionary cause.

The third section features the achievements recorded in the past 50 years, including the southern liberation and national reunification, the national construction on the socialist path and efforts to build a strong and sound Party.

The final section dedicated to the movement of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, morals and lifestyle. This section also highlighted his thoughts on consolidating national unity, building the Party, practicing thriftiness and preventing wastefulness.

National Library’s Director Kieu Thuy Nga said the exhibition is a comprehensive presentation of President Ho Chi Minh’s life, revolutionary career, ideology and morality.

Translated by Lam Anh